Reserve and Checkout Assets with ease

Ensure conflict free reservations and checkouts. Track who has what and when it’s due back. Use the integrated calendar for better equipment management.

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Asset Management Software

Asset Tracking done right

Asset Tracking Software that makes equipment management super easy. Increase efficiency by optimizing equipment usage across different locations.

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Inventory Management Software

Use it in the office, field or warehouse

EZOfficeInventory is web based so you’re always up to date on asset tracking data. Use from any mobile device, as an Equipment Tracking Software or for Office Inventory Management.

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Asset Tracking Software

Enterprise Grade Deployment

For On Premise and Private Cloud offerings of our Asset Tracking Software, drop us an email at

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Track Assets

Equipment Maintenance simplified

As an Equipment Management Software, EZOfficeInventory has a robust Services and Maintenance module. Keep your equipment and fixed assets in best shape by tracking services, warranties and maintenance events.

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Equipment Maintenance Software

Create professional grade labels

The Fixed Asset Management Software comes with a Label Designer. Design professional looking QR Code or Barcode labels for your fixed assets and inventory. The QR Code Inventory Management software enables quick actions through label scanning on our mobile apps.

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Asset Tracking Software EZO

Effortless Inventory Management

Our Asset Tracking Software also provides comprehensive Inventory Management. Track your stock quantities across various locations. Get insights into how stock is being consumed and ordered.

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Inventory Management Software
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Used by:
  • "We were attracted to EZOffice for its innovative inventory system.  Being able to check assets in/out on the fly by scanning our QR'd assets with the EZOffice App makes staying current with inventory easy." Kaci Weirich

  • "We have been able to use the software to provide our patients with equipment in a way that not only makes it easier for them to access but also a way that secures the assistive technology assets of our department. It has been a very useful and user friendly tool. The most exciting part for me, is that I feel like ezofficeinventory continues to adapt and improve, so the service is only getting better"

    James Gardner
    University of Utah - Health Care
  • "EZOfficeInventory has been godsend with regards to establishing an effective and efficient inventory tracking system. In addition to its ease of use, I have also been impressed by the willingness and support of the people at EZ to support the newly reopened Antioch College"

    Michael Casselli
    Antioch College - Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • "We have really enjoyed working with EZOfficeInventory.  The way they helped us integrate our old inventory into the program really streamlined the process and it made it easy to assign items and track other inventory!"

    David Binz
    Pope County Sheriff Department
  • "EZ Office instantly stood apart from the rest. Their website is intuitive and easy to use, which is why it is no surprise that  our entire marketing team was easily able to adapt to this new system. After using it for several months, I can't believe we were ever using paper in the first place. EZ Office has helped us tremendously!"

    Jon Mitchell
    Quicken Loans
  • "We needed an Asset Management System that was affordable, flexible, customizable, and embraced mobile technologies along with QR code scanning abilities. Whatever size your business is, don’t overlook EZOfficeInventory as an Asset Managment solution, until you’ve trialled it. We couldn’t be happier. Now there’s one less thing to worry about.  "

    Ross Law
    CQ Nurse
Integrates with:

Asset Tracking & Equipment Management

An asset tracking software reduces losses and increases efficiency. It saves the hassle of your staff running around and digging through excel sheets to find the required assets. Fixed Asset Tracking module in EZOfficeInventory comes bundled with a number of productivity boosters including reservations, maintenance, audits and more. Explore features

QR Code Enabled

QR Code/Barcode Labels

QR Codes and Barcodes make inventory management convenient and super easy. QR Code and Barcode asset tracking means that you can scan labels through our mobile app to take actions. It’s a great way to minimize the effort to lookup assets and guarantee that the right person has custody of the physical equipment. See Barcode and QR Code scanning in action

Checkout & Checkin

Simplified Inventory Management

EZOfficeInventory has a powerful inventory management module baked right in so you don’t need a separate inventory management software. Manage stock orders across locations, track stock consumption, and get low stock alerts among many other available options.

Custom Fields

Customizable Fields

Implemented your equipment tracking workflow by capturing the data you want. A fixed asset management software requires custom fields to adapt to varying business need. Thousands of companies use EZOfficeInventory for Equipment Management, and we understand that every business is unique.

Label Designer

Label Designer

Being able to design and tag assets is central to a QR Code and Barcode inventory system. Using the label designer, print professional grade asset tags and inventory labels in house. For specialized (heavy duty, weather resistant, tamper proof) label printing, we support printing of labels from your favorite local vendor. Explore the label designer

Smartphone Apps

Supporting Mobile Apps

EZOfficeInventory can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device that connects to the internet. The accompanying mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. If you have a lot of equipment on job sites or remote locations, we’ve got your back. All you need are a few taps to go about tracking your assets and inventory.

No Setup Required No Setup Required

No Installation Required

You’ll be tracking assets in minutes! Step by step expert assistance ensures getting started is a breeze. Take it for a test drive before deciding to signup for a paid account.

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