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Run the risk of equipment theft or damage? Shut the door on losses by tracking AV equipment across locations with our cloud based asset tracking software.

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AV Equipment Tracking Software

Maintain An Efficient Log of Your Valuable AV Gear!


Forecast equipment availability for effortless planning


Improve AV equipment lifetime with maintenance features


Get rid of complicated spreadsheets & organize your AV equipment for greater control


Have greater visibility into your inventory and assets, and access custodian information any time.

AV Asset & Inventory Management Made Easy

Streamline Equipment Management - on the cloud!

AV Lifecycle Management

Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking POs, depreciation, stock, and lifetime costs. Keep track of both high ticket assets such as video cameras, and consumable stock such as SD cards – all from one space.

Bundles and Carts (Kitting)

Match up equipment according to your workflow. Create different bundles for lighting kits or sound gear, or use carts to check multiple AV items out. Organize inventory and process items in ways that best fit your operations.

Availability Calendar

Monitor Work Order progress and log service histories for past trends and actionable data. Use the availability calendar to know exactly which items are available at what times, so you can enjoy conflict-free reservations always.

Barcode, QR Code & RFID

Track a large volume of AV gear and equipment across different locations with custom Barcodes and QR Codes. Design, create and scan professional-grade labels of different sizes and formats. Mass scanning items with our iOS and Android apps is a breeze.

Services & Maintenance

Customize alerts on routine services, and flag up one-off maintenance events with ease. Create service tickets, schedule maintenance, and use our Zendesk integration. Generate reports on performance and status and take all the guesswork out of important decisions.

Log Complex Custom Information

Create custom fields for specialized item details, like adapter wattage and rack rail dimensions so you can always checkout the right gear for all your tasks. Streamline work operations further with the ability to manage warranties and legal documents, all under one system.

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WhitePaper: How the AV Industry Executes Asset Management Workflows


This whitepaper talks about the challenges faced by the AV industry, and how AV asset tracking software features can help overcome them. It will also outline some common AV workflows used by EZOfficeInventory customers to optimize their AV asset management and increase their ROIs.

The AV Industry: An Overview

From video conferencing to digital signage, AV technology is virtually everywhere. The recent integration between AV and IT technology has not only increased its domestic demand but has also majorly contributed to its growth.

Today, Audiovisual (AV) equipment is enhancing communication in various sectors and spaces; from conferences and boardrooms to cinemas and stadiums. AV equipment caters to the sound and visual component of the media industry. To name a few examples, this includes film and photo studios, event companies, and print media and journalism. Audiovisual service providers mostly use standard AV equipment but can also employ specialized AV gear for services like web streaming, video conferencing and live broadcasts. Read the full whitepaper.

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