Construction Asset Management Software

Want to lower tool loss and related costs to turn your construction business into a success? Try the best way to track and manage tools & equipment of all sizes across construction sites.

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Construction Asset Management Software

Maintain An Efficient Log of Your Valuable Construction Equipment!


Forecast equipment availability for effortless planning


Keep track of tools and equipment of all sizes


Extend construction equipment lifetime with maintenance features


Have greater visibility into your tools and assets, and access custodian information any time.

Construction Inventory Management Made Easy

Streamline Equipment Management - on the cloud!

Inventory Lifecycle Management

Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking POs, depreciation, stock, and lifetime costs. Keep track of both high ticket assets such as vehicles, and consumable stock like raw materials – all from one space. Generate reports on tool utilization and status with ease.

Bundles and Carts (Tool Kitting)

Match up equipment according to your workflow. Create custom bundles for construction equipment, or use Carts to arrange pick tickets and checkout multiple construction items to take out to job sites. Add custom fields, set custodianship, and reuse previous templates.

Availability Calendar

Use the availability calendar to know exactly which items are available at what times so you can enjoy conflict-free reservations always. You can also make alternate arrangements for critical equipment well in advance by consulting the calendar.

Barcode, QR Code (Mobile App)

Track a large volume of tools and equipment across different locations with custom Barcodes and QR Codes. Design, create and scan professional-grade labels of various sizes and formats. Execute field requisitions and instantly look up items while on the field.

Services and Calibrations

Improve tool productivity and extend the shelf-life of your assets by scheduling routine maintenance and setting up calibration alerts. Update users on equipment unavailability for the duration of the service so they can plan their tasks accordingly.

Log Complex Custom Information

Create custom fields for specialized item details, like adapter wattage and rack rail dimensions so you can always checkout the right equipment for your projects. Streamline work operations further with the ability to manage warranties and legal documents, all under one system.

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Whitepaper: How The Construction Industry Benefits From Asset Tracking Software


The construction industry is one of the most profitable avenues for businesses today. North America alone raked over a trillion dollars in 2015 with a 10% market share. While the odds are in favor of construction firms, read about the challenges that can lead them to potential failure.

How does Asset Tracking Software help?

Construction equipment is extremely costly, with the global market estimated to be worth 145.5 billion dollars in 2015. This is why the alarming degree of theft within the industry can set back businesses quite a bit. Not just this, but the sector is also characterized by a tendency to stray off both the budget and the schedule for a particular project.

Both these problems can be significantly alleviated with the help of a more organized approach to construction. In this sense, the management of both risk and information can greatly help construction firms meet their targets on time and on budget. An additional problem faced by these businesses is the expected compliance to health and safety standards, especially when workers have to improvise around equipment as a result of poor planning. What is needed is a singular system that improves productivity, lowers costs, and helps execute much more efficient workflows. Read the full whitepaper.

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