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The leading asset tracking software for universities and K-12s!

Remove administrative hassles and streamline workflows

  • An intuitive interface to streamline educational asset management
  • On-the-cloud equipment tracking enabling instantaneous updates
  • Access control helps delineate academic departments or school districts
  • Maintenance modules lower overheads by optimizing university equipment
  • A dedicated support staff to answer all your workflow questions
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Improve educational workflows through asset management

  • Lower overheads through improved stock-keeping
  • Deter theft and loss using scan-based audits
  • Use access control to delineate educational departments
  • Free up staff time by automating check-outs and check-ins
  • Regular servicing helps you stick to tight education budgets!
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"EZOfficeInventory has been a godsend with regards to establishing an effective and efficient inventory management and asset tracking system. In addition to its ease of use, I have also been impressed by their willingness to support the newly reopened Antioch College and create a special plan for us, making EZOfficeInventory an affordable choice as we reinvigorate this institution, one that holds such an important place in the history of American higher education."

Michael Casselli - Antioch College

Why are we the best bet for
educational asset tracking?


Use carts as templates for future educational equipment checkouts


Error-free bookings ensure students have everything they need

Mobile Apps

Students and faculty can use our Android/iOS apps for quick updates


Get in-depth data about educational equipment to optimize usage

Access Control

Manage staff access across locations or departments for greater control


Customize alerts for fully-tailored educational equipment management

Services and

Service triage and ticketing improves educational equipment productivity

Barcode and
QR Code Scanning

Make managing educational inventory a breeze by mass-scanning items

Bundles and

Create specialized department-specific kits for added convenience

Track your educational assets today, at a 20% educational discount!

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