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  • An easy-to-use interface for effortless healthcare asset management
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  • A maintenance module that discourages equipment breakdowns
  • Increased ROIs and lower storage costs through better planning
  • A dedicated support staff to answer all your workflow questions
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Feature in Focus:
The Cart Module

Each event can have a unique cart of its own. You can quickly search for items and put in as much detail as you’d like using custom fields.

Reserve carts for future use, clone them for convenience, and link separate carts together for related events!

You can add documents and images to each cart, and also generate ‘receipts’ for further documentation.

Event guide

EZOfficeInventory has been a godsent with regards to establishing an effective and efficient inventory tracking system. In addition to its ease of use, I have also been impressed by the willingness and support of the people.”


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Reuse carts for similar medical sector use-cases.


Ensure conflict-free bookings so patients are processed quickly

Mobile Apps

Access and update information using our Android/iOS apps


Get in-depth data broken down by location, group, or type

Access Control

Control item visibility for hospital staff or custodians


Customize alerts for fully-tailored medical equipment management

Services and

Maintenance module helps optimize medical equipment

Barcode and
QR Code Scanning

Check out entire healthcare asset packing lists in seconds

Bundles and

Create specialized kits for recurring operations for added convenience

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