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Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Built Around the IT Asset Tracking Needs of Your Company

Convenient item checkouts and scan-based audits

Limit access to items by location and group

Use custom fields to track licenses, warranties and more

Maintenance modules that boost ROI and IT equipment longevity

End-to-End Asset Management

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Tag, manage and track assets from procurement to retirement.

Check-Ins and Checkouts

Check IT hardware in and out effortlessly using iOS and Android apps.

Inventory Management

IT inventory software to monitor stock levels and easily transfer inventory.

IT Equipment Maintenance

Use preventive maintenance for service tickets, recurring services, and more.

Access Control

Control item visibility for groups, locations or departments.

RFID IT Asset Tracking

Use an external RFID reader to scan items and take mass-actions from your iOS app.

Integrations and API

Seamlessly connect with apps like Zendesk for streamlined workflows.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Mass scanning items makes IT asset management a breeze.

Alerts And Notifications

Customize alerts to manage warranties, insurance, and more.

Tailor Made IT Asset Management Software

Using a solution tailored to your needs not only helps you lower overheads, but enables your employees to save countless hours that would otherwise be spent trying to fit a square peg into a round hole! Customizability is therefore key to the successful implementation of an IT asset tracking software. For this reason, we’ve designed EZOfficeInventory to be incredibly flexible, and accommodate all kinds of different workflows.

You can manage visibility of assets across departments, ensuring teams only have access to the items they need. This streamlines processes and eliminates the headache of managing different departments and remote locations. You can also use custom alerts for warranties, maintenance events, and insurance deadlines. Additionally, our IT Inventory software enables you to create custom fields and fill in the specifics of your IT assets for access to the most accurate data. Real-time updates and integrations with apps such as Zendesk make this a must for asset-intensive businesses.

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Powerful Integrations

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Make the Most of Your IT Assets

With IT asset management software built around your needs.

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IT asset management software