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Medical Asset Management

When it Comes to Medical Equipment, Efficiency is Everything

Effortless healthcare asset management on the cloud

Procurement modules improve ordering and stock keeping

Scheduled maintenance prevents equipment malfunctions

Sophisticated location management makes finding medical inventory a breeze

The Simple Way to Track Medical Inventory

Built to fit into your workflows, not the other way around

Inventory Management

Lower redundancies and control stock levels efficiently.


Ensure conflict-free bookings so patients are processed quickly.

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance helps optimize medical equipment.

Mobile Apps

Access and update information "on the go" using our Android/iOS apps

Purchase Orders

Manage healthcare procurement from one centralized space.

Location Management

Nest locations to track medical inventory down to the last shelf


Customize alerts for fully-tailored medical asset management.

RFID Medical Equipment Tracking

Use an external RFID reader to scan items and take mass-actions from your iOS app.

Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Create and scan labels using third party tools or our own mobile app.

Streamline Healthcare Workflows with EZOfficeInventory

Medical equipment inventory management can be a huge challenge. You have to know where things are, who’s accountable for them, and when to order more! EZOfficeInventory helps you optimize processes by knowing exactly what you need. You can monitor and track all medical equipment, whether it’s PPE, surgical tools, or bulky fixed assets. In addition, our integrated procurement and inventory control helps you stay lean, lowering storage costs and overheads associated with expired and missing medical inventory.

We’re also compatible with FDA 21 CFR part 11, enabling our customers to be compliant to this standard with ease. Add custom fields, organize and manage medical kits, and use our infinite location nesting to track healthcare supplies down to the last shelf. You can also make quick work of checking items in and out by scanning RFID, Barcode and QR Code tags with our mobile app/external scanners. We help you track expiry dates and serial numbers, and eliminate administrative burdens so you can focus on what’s really important - the provision of quality healthcare!

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Optimize Medical Equipment with Ease

Keep an eye on medical inventory levels and track healthcare assets seamlessly

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Medical Equipment Maintenance Software