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Non Profit Asset Tracking

Track the Complete Asset Lifecycle: From Procurement to Retirement

Keep a lean inventory by tracking stock levels

Reduce theft and loss through location tracking

Mitigate risk by drawing up actionable reports

Equipment audits help you stay accountable to donors

Want to Make Your Non Profit More Efficient?

Use our comprehensive non profit asset tracking features to do just that!

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage and track purchase orders, vendors, and lifetime costs.

Depreciation Management

Track depreciation and run reports to seek out improvements.

Fixed Asset Maintenance

Use preventive maintenance for service tickets, recurring services, and more.

Access Control

Control item visibility for greater control over staff activities.


We make gaining compliance and certifications as easy as possible.

Audit Trails

Audits are effortless with our mobile app scanning functionality.

RFID, Barcode And QR Code

Mass scanning items makes non proft asset tracking a breeze.


Draw reports on depreciation, checkouts, maintenance, and more.

Alerts And Notifications

Customize alerts to manage warranties, donor info, insurance, and more.

Never Lose Track of Those Valuable Non Profit Assets!

Non profits always aim to make the greatest impact with the limited funding and budgets available to them. Striking a balance between efficiency and spending can be tough, but using a non profit inventory management software can help. EZOfficeInventory allows you to squeeze every last drop of productivity from equipment and fixed assets. This is accomplished through automated inventory and asset management, enabling your organization to monitor, optimize, and report with ease.

By keeping a lean inventory, boosting asset reliability, and tracking valuable metrics, you can save a resource-strapped non profit a great deal of time and money. Not only this, but EZOfficeInventory’s lightning fast check-in and checkout system utilizes Barcodes and QR Codes so that non profit staff can be quickly assigned equipment for use in the field. Of course, non profits have to make the most out of the donations they receive, which is why any lost or equipment can be a huge blow to their operations. Through routinized audits and intelligent location management, you can reduce thefts and misplacements, and make volunteers responsible for non profit assets. At the end of the day, non profits need to do their best for their staff and beneficiaries. EZOfficeInventory helps you achieve this simply, quickly, and effectively!

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Maximize Your Non Profit's Potential

Asset tracking to streamline, save, and secure your equipment!

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Non Profit Inventory Menagment