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Reduce equipment downtimes
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Lower costs by optimizing maintenance
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Frequent breakdowns, low ROIs and high maintenance costs?

Routine maintenance issues are a thing of the past with EZOfficeInventory!

  • Schedule services well in advance to reduce equipment breakdowns and idle times
  • Use custom reports for actionable insights that help you boost ROIs
  • Track service vendor costs to map out a cost-effective maintenance routine
We've streamlined maintenance for scores of customers
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Enhance preventive maintenance with CMMS

Improve resolution times

Customizable alerts ensure services are flagged up in advance. This increases accountability and lowers the time to resolution on maintenance.

Certification and Compliance

Use our CMMS software to set recurring services at regular intervals, ensuring effortless compliance with health and safety regulations.

Manage Service Records

Manage service tickets for a detailed maintenance history. Include details about servicing vendors and costs to improve repair decisions.

Optimize equipment

The service triage feature automates maintenance after checkin, improving asset productivity and reducing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Learn more about our Basic and Advanced Services and Maintenance workflows.

“EZOfficeInventory is intuitive and easy to use, which is why it is no surprise that our entire marketing team was easily able to adapt to this new system. After using it for several months, I can't believe we were ever using paper in the first place. EZOfficeInventory has helped us tremendously!"

Jon Mitchell - Quicken Loans

Maintenance optimizing tools
at your fingertips!

Mobile Apps

Effortless maintenance management using our Android/iOS apps


Promote accountability through regular audits. Scan labels to verify possession


Get in-depth maintenance insights broken down by location or group

Access Control

Set up access tiers across locations or maintenance tools for all employees


Reuse carts for similar checkouts, or link them together for projects


Customize alerts and displays for fully-tailored equipment maintenance

Barcode and
QR Code Scanning

Check out entire packing lists for maintenance projects in seconds


Ensure conflict-free bookings for maintenance tools each time

Bundles and

Create specialized kits for standard maintenance tasks for convenience

Use CMMS to manage maintenance today!

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