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Fixed Asset Tracking Software

The Easiest Way to Track Assets and Inventory

Design and print labels for all your assets in bulk

Scan-based audits and effortless checkouts

Pull up locations, status, and other specs with ease

Generate custom reports and create email alerts for greater control

End-to-End Asset Management

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.

Location Management

Scan location barcodes and asset labels to log an item's geo-location and IP address.

Label Scanner and Designer

Design, create and scan professional-grade labels of different sizes and formats.

Mobile Apps

Our Android and iOS apps let you scan labels, carry out audits, or scan items.

Access Control

Set up access tiers across locations, groups or departments.

Asset Check-Ins and Checkouts

Use our QR Code inventory software to check assets in and out effortlessly.

RFID Asset Tracking

Use an external RFID reader to scan items and take mass-actions from your iOS app.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels, get custom alerts, and move inventory around efficiently.

Employee ID Scan

Check out assets to employees by using our mobile app to scan their ID barcodes.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Tag, manage and track assets from procurement to retirement.

Using QR Codes for Inventory Tracking: What You Need to Know

QR Codes are a modern successor to Barcodes that have steadily gained momentum in recent years. As a QR Code equipment tracking software, a lot of our customers regularly ask us whether their business should use QR Codes vs Barcodes for inventory tracking. While we support both options, there are more than a few reasons why QR Codes are the better bet.

QR Codes have a greater storage capacity and can support multiple data types. This means you’re more well-informed about the items in your inventory and can therefore make better business decisions. Not just this, but QR Codes are much quicker and more reliable to scan with camera-based devices, such as smartphones and tablets. EZOfficeInventory’s mobile app therefore enables you to take quick actions on items, and run lightning fast audits. With a negligible cost of adoption and quicker processing you’ll have increased returns on investment in no time!

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Powerful Integrations

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Label Scans That Save You Time and Money

Speed up workflows, eliminate errors, and order more efficiently.

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