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Tool tracking software for tool crib management

Tracking and Managing Your Tools Has Never Been This Simple

Schedule maintenance and calibrations

Generate email alerts and custom reports

Hold employees accountable for their equipment

Lower theft and loss through effective tool management

End to End Tool Management

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.

Small Tool Tracking

Manage your tools, materials, and assets across locations.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels and move inventory around efficiently.


Use our tool inventory app to promote accountability through regular audits.

Calibration Management

Create calibration schedules using custom alerts and notifications.


Achieve certifications and easily gain compliance with regulatory bodies.

RFID Tool Tracking

Use an external RFID reader to scan items and take mass-actions from your iOS app.

Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Create and scan labels using third party tools or our own mobile app.

Depreciation Management

Track depreciation and run reports to seek out improvements.

Equipment Maintenance

Use preventive maintenance with service tickets, recurring services, and more.

Manage Tools 'On the Go' with EZOfficeInventory

It’s difficult to manage tools effectively when you’re on-site or on the move. Things get misplaced, damaged, or stolen, and being so far away from the office means that this is often not discovered until it’s too late for recovery. That’s where EZOfficeInventory’s mobile app steps in. You can track and manage tools on the go, ensuring greater visibility into your items anytime, and from anywhere!

Our mobile app enables you to check tools out to crew members on the field. You can also create service tickets right when a tool breaks down, and run quick audits through Barcode and QR Code scans wherever you are. A tool tracking software such as this means greater responsiveness, fewer redundancies and streamlined tool crib management - right at your fingertips! You can now have a breadth of tool-related data in your pocket at all times, allowing you to make better decisions about tool acquisition, usage, and calibration.

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Powerful Integrations

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Make the Most of Your Equipment

Increase productivity and never lose a tool on the job again!

No Obligation, No Credit Card Required

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