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The Quickest Way to Track
Assets and Inventory

Pull up locations, status, and other specs with ease

RFID scans for checkouts with greater accountability

Real-time tracking of assets using our mobile app

Reduce overheads associated with ghost assets, duplication, and theft

End to End Asset Management

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.

Mobile Apps

Use our mobile app to mass-scan RFID tags and process items quickly.

Check-outs and Reservations

Check items in and out effortlessly using our RFID asset management software.

Hardware Integration

Integrate with third-party RFID readers for a quick setup.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels, set thresholds, and move inventory around efficiently.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage and track fixed assets from procurement to retirement.

Equipment Maintenance

Recurring service, ticketing and work order modules for robust maintenance tracking.

Location Management

Lower theft and loss with our location tracking functionality.

Alerts And Notifications

Customize alerts to track warranties, depreciation, insurance, and more.


In-depth analytics to help you make the best business decisions.

RFID Asset Tracking: Pulling Equipment Management into the Modern Age

A robust asset management system can enable your business to lower costs, reduce asset theft and loss, and improve productivity by giving your staff easy access to the tools they need. The great thing about a cloud-based solution is that it puts all your asset and inventory data in one centralized location - and even gives you a mobile app to speed up remote work!

If you already use RFID tags, EZOfficeInventory will be an incredibly efficient addition to your existing asset management processes. Save time and money by instantly scanning large batches of RFID tags, and using our mobile app to take quick actions on the items scanned. With a long read-range and the ability to scan in harsh environments, RFID is great for real-time updates of all your business assets. Stay up to date on locations, maintenance schedules, custodianship, and a whole lot more with our RFID asset tracking software!

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