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Automated asset tracking
at your fingertips


Why Use EZOfficeInventory?

Our cloud based asset tracking software helps you make the most of your physical assets.

Track the complete asset lifecycle

A complete asset management solution that comes with a comprehensive log for each asset - starting from procurement all the way through to retirement.

Simplify operational workflows

Improve your equipment inventory management by streamlining workflows. Know what’s needed, by whom, and when it’s due back.

Tag items with asset labels

Design and print Barcodes and QR Codes and scan them with our app. You can also use RFID readers to scan items and take quick actions on them.

Manage assets across locations

Whether your assets are spread out across states, departments, or teams, EZOfficeInventory has got you covered. Also comes with Access Control.

Make use of actionable insights

Analyze reports to reduce costs and increase your productivity. Availability assessments help identify which items are a bottleneck to increasing efficiency.

Greater control with custom roles

Maintain control over your users by configuring unique roles for them with Custom Roles. Define data that a user can access and the actions they can take.

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